Shower Brush Massager Slippers [SC0040]

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Brand NEW Health Care Leisure Foot Massage Shower Slipper Shoes Massager can secures to any tub or shower. It's a good choice for you!

This Health Care slipper is great for feet of all ages, perfect for family use. This massager slipper is used to clean and message your feet from heel to toe, giving you clean and smooth feet. Cleaning and massaging, no more bending to clean your feet.

Slipper shape, reasonable design and convenient handling. Suction cups at the bottom adhere to floor and hold it in place. Smooth heels with built-in pumice stone, this stone is detachable. Simply Clean your foot by slipping it in and out. Its like getting a pedicure everyday.

Product Description:

  1. Easily cleans your feet from top to bottom
  2. No more bending or stretching to clean your feet
  3. Made with over a thousand soft cleaning bristles
  4. Massages, exfoliates & eliminates dirt
  5. Pumice stone smooths rough, cracked heels
  6. Fits all feet no matter what shape or size
  7. Suction cup base sticks to almost any surface
  8. Easy to keep clean
  9. be great for feet of all ages, perfect for family use
  10. Perfect for seniors & those with limited movement


Product Features:

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 28cm (L)*14cm(W)*10cm(D)



Package included:

1 x Shower Foot Cleaner & Scrubber (Blue)