Hard Wax Beans [SC0028]

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Product Benefit:

There’s no need for strips/cloth to help you remove it. It hardens and you pull it directly, without applying strips on top. It can be used to remove unwanted hairs from any part of the body, including face. And it works perfectly for sensitive skin. It’s a good choice that removes almost all the hairs from a single pass. You can get the remaining few hairs with a tweezer or apply a second strip. It goes without saying that if it’s incredible at removing coarse hairs then the thin ones are a piece of cake for this wax. NO LONGER spending all of money at salons to get a brazilian wax done any more.


Product Highlights:

1. Material is Natural rosin and cocoa butter, moisturizing skin, at the same time it can clean and repair dead skin.

2. Melting point is 120C,using point:48C

3. Ideal for all skin colors, no allergy, suitable for whole body hair removal,ESPECIALLY FOR ARMPIT HAIR/ARM /LEG HAIR

4. Hard wax paper free 


Professional tips for use:

1. Heat wax pellets in a wax heater of your choice and heat to a working temperature. 

2. Using a spatula, spread a layer of wax onto the area to be treated against the direction of hair growth. 

3. Allow a short period to cool and then holding the skin taut, remove wax with a firm action against the direction of hair growth. 

Ideal wax for working in small sections. 

When applying this wax leave the edges slightly thicker for an easy removal. 

Before the wax is removed, tap it a couple of times to check it has set and is ready to be removed. 

Care Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.


Package Include:

1bag of 300g Hard Wax Beans