Portable Neck Massager [SC0019]

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A hot-selling product in Europe, America and Asia will perfect your chin.

Product Benefit:
It is the hot-selling product in Europe and AmericaTV shopping. With the help of 3 springs with different strength levels, it can lose chin fat by massaging your chinstep by step.
It is convenient and quick to use it for 2 minutes every day. It can strengthen the muscles of chin, neck and cheeks, lose fat, and smooth and tightenyour skin, as well ascontour your face. As long as you keep on massage, you will see the miracle.

Product Highlights:
Brand new and high quality.
Mini and stylish appearance, convenient to carry.
With three different strength springs, it can produce different massage effect.
It can eliminate excess fat in jaw, and help you shape a perfect face type.
Suitable for both men and women.
An ideal choice for facial beauty.

Package includes:
1 x Neckline slimmer
1 x Carry bag
3 x Springs