Nail Art Stamping Stamper [NL0012]

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The Hot Sales Nail Art Tools!

The New Silicone Stamper Head is so clear, no more lining up issues! Seeing through the stamper + perfectly lining up a design is pure Genius!

Not only allow you to hit your desired location every time on your nails, but it also save polish thanks to more accurate stamping. Extremely soft with tacky and sticky finish to pick up even the smallest details and reach the edge of most curved nails with no effortSuitable for different size image designs, easy and fast for DIY nail art, apply to your nails or other objects.

Removable stamper for easy cleaning, Lightly press the stamper when using.

Use method:

  • 1: new silica gel printing factory will often have a thin layer of oil, best to scrub clean with a paper towel before use before use. Soft can also be used after sanding, grinding into Matt's head strong adsorption, reduce the difficulty of transfer, does not have to grind can also be set according to the individual usage.
  • 2: soft and hardness of different operation methods, crawled on the template design should pay attention to transfer, gently with a soft need only scroll template, excessive force can lead to explosive slurry or transfer fine, be sure to practice, to become a party to nail master
  • 3: soft seal is easily stained ash, the most effective method of cleaning is to use tape transfer, the head surface is clean after the cleaning.

Product Specification:

  • Item:  Nail art stamping scraper set
  • Material: This is clear silicone stamper
  • Size: 2.8cm for silicone head
  • Function: For nail art polish transfer design