Magic Sponge Massager [HC0013]

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99.9% SCRUB away all the dirty from your body!

A powerful scrubber to get all your body parts clean. This Magic Sponge would make the perfect addition to any bathtub or shower because it is ideal for anyone that wants to get really clean without a whole lot of effort. It will wash you better than a washcloth, and it is more gentle on your skin than other scrubbing tools are.

The Magic Sponge will gently deep clean your skin to leave it looking and feeling great. This product is similar to the Soapy Soles, which is designed to clean feet without having to bend over, but with this one you can easily hold it in your hand, and use it to wash any part of your body.

Forget about using a plain old bar of soap, and stop wasting your time with stinky washcloths in the shower. This Magic Sponge is incredibly hygienic, and it works great. The Magic Sponge will allow you to get yourself super clean without having to resort to harsh exfoliators and scrubbing tools. T

Your body will be cleaner, and it will be easy to achieve. Simply add your favorite liquid soap or body wash and scrub away. You can even use bar of soap by rubbing it against the surface until sufficient lather is built up. Whichever you choose, you will quickly have enough suds to get yourself clean, and the flexible fingers will do all of the work for you.

Because they are soft, they bend and conform to the cleaning surface, but they are firm enough to deliver the scrubbing power necessary to clean and invigorate the dirtiest of body parts. You won't notice a rough feel like you may expect out of a bath scrubber, but you will notice how clean you skin is when you are done. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifics

  • Use: Cleaning
  • Type: Bath Sponge
  • Product: Bath Ball/Bath Sponge/Bath Flower
  • Application: Body
  • Material: pva
  • Product category: Bath ball
  • Applicable object: General
  • Specifications: 17x7x3cm