LED Shoe Clip [HC0071]

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Exercise at night or run in the dark? This LED Shoe Clips give runners extra bright shoe lights to stay safer. Not onlny for runner, you can use as a kid’s safety light, walk at dusk, reflective bike accessory, or as a dog safety light.

This will be an ideal gift for Running, Cycling, Walking, Jogging, Horseback riding & all outdoor sports.

This LED sports shoe light is designed to move with your feet creating a moving light that is easily seen by cars. With the optimum running accessory you will be seen while out running in the dark. Become visible to traffic at night.The On/Off button also allows you to change the 3 light modes while running in the dark (fixed, flashing or self-starting sensor mode). 


  • Clip to Heels
  • Clip to Wrists
  • Top of Feet
  • Around forearms
  • Your Dog’s Collar

Product Features:
Night Safety Shoe Light, new and high quality.
Bright and attractive light, looks great on your shoes.
Firmly attached to heel of your shoe.
Light weight, you even thongh don't feel a thing.
Also can be clipped on your waist, mountain bicycle, etc.
Perfect for outdoor activities at night, like running, cycling, shopping, climbing etc.

Product Specifications:

Light Mode: Lasting, flash, off
Dimension: 8.5 X 6 X 3 cm / 3.34''X2.36''X1.18''
Power:Button Cell (Included)

Item include:

1 x Night Safety Shoe Light