Hair Dryer [HR0003]

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New Hair Dryer with Hair Bonnet Attachment it works AWESOME! The tightness on the head circumference is adjustable and it is easy to use. Do the adjusting, put at the end of the hose over the nozzle of your blow dryer and there you have it. Works as well as the salon version. 
The complete set save your time to get your hair dried faster and make your hair looks nicer like styling in hair salon!
It's perfectly suitable to those who has arm pain while blowing the hair with dryer. Definitely a must-buy item in your beauty bucket list!
  • The bonnet can be used for deep conditioning, hot oils and heat treatments.
  • Safe to use, comfortable and convenient.
  • Elastic at the end of tube holds the hood on the hair dryer.
  • Drawstring to tighten around head.
  • Use with hair dryer.

Item Type: Cap
Quantity: 1pcs Hood Bonnet
Material: Nylon Hood Bonnet
Size: Diameter:26cm