Hair Color Chalk Powder [HR0010]

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2017 New Hair Color - Make A Rainbow Color Hair in Seconds 

Product Description

Permanent Hair Dye that Colors Your Hair in Seconds

Permanent Dye Your Hair Aubergine with Zero Hassle!

Dye your hair white or use with other colored hair chalks to get aubergine color for your hair.

Each package comes with detailed instructions on how to use the hair chalks for best and most colorful results.

- Hair chalks are simple to use, you can instantly change the color of your hair to aubergine 
- Hair chalk stays in your hair for 1-2 washes (even longer in lighter hair!) 
- Bright and vivid color - Works well with both light and dark hair 
- Safe, non-toxic way to color your hair without bleaching. Suitable for kids. 
- Every stick of hair chalk is individually shrink wrapped to protect it from breaking 

PVC gloves and cape included with each purchase for simple and mess-free coloring

How to Use the Aubergine Hair Chalk

  • Grab a hair chalk, a towel or a plastic cape, gloves, a hair clip, hair spray and trigger bottle with water (or just tap water) slightly wet your hair and the end of the hair chalk 
  • Rub the chalk onto your hair, holding it straight. Rub it in direction of hair growth (from top to bottom) instead of up & down movement. Apply the color with the tip of the hair chalk, not the side, for a brighter and more vivid color. 
  • You can also try dissolving the hair chalk in a splash of water and applying the mixture on your hair with a hair color brush 
  • Use the blow dryer to dry your hair - don't dry it with a towel as the chalk will stain it 
  • For longer lasting hair chalk, use the hair straightener or hair curler 
  • For better & longer lasting color, use the hair chalk after you've styled your hair!


Product Details

  • Instantly change the color of your hair - temporarily dye your hair in aubergine color with zero hassle
  • Comes with detailed instructions for best results
  • Vivid colors that show up on both light and dark hair
  • Every single stick of hair chalk is individually shrink wrapped to protect it from breaking
  • Comes with PVC gloves and cape for simple and mess-free coloring