Frog Swimming Fins [AP0027]

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Speed: swim and catch a wave faster 
Training: Increase resistance and improve technique .Great for beginners 
Hydro grip: Swimming Web provides full flexibility of your hand and increases hold on slippery surfaces 
Fun: Swimming Web comes in multiple colors and can be used by children and adults of all ages 

Hydrodynamic design is easy to use 
Patented 5 finger Silica gel design 
Swimming Web is a unique patented designed water accessory that works like a webbed glove without the full hand enclosure and extra weight of water gloves 
Swimming Web fits over the fingers and creates a water pocket-like many water animals with webbed feet -providing maximum efficiency to the user when swimming Suitable for Competitive swimming, Surfing, Scuba diving, Water polo, Triathlon training, Open water swimming, Water aerobics, Water rehabilitation and therapy etc
Product Features:
-100% New Band and High Quality
-Swimming more easily, like a frog, swimming faster, lighter than the gloves.
S length 15cm wide 4cm diameter 21cm
M length 17cm wide 5.5cm diameter 24cm
L length 19cm wide 6.5cm diameter 28cm
After packing size: 8 * 5cm
Package Includes:1 Pair Silicone Swimming Hand Fins