Fidgette Anti Stress Cube [HC0031]

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Fidgette Anti Stress Cube is a remarkably addicting and exceptional quality desk gadget which has the capabilities to Boost Focus, Improve Productivity, and Relieve Anxiety & Nervousness.

Regardless of whether you are at home, in class or at the office, Fidgette Anti Stress Cube is specifically designed to keep you on track with what’s important.

What is Fidgette Anti Stress Cube?

Fidgette Anti Stress Cube is a desk toy for anyone who likes to fidget.

How do I use it?

It's simple. It has six sides. Each side features something to fidget with:

Click / Glide / Flip / Spin / Breathe / Roll


  • COMPRESS - No more pen clicking. Find 3 clicker buttons and 2 sliced buttons on this side designed to please the clicker in all of us.
  • SWITCH - Move this switch back and forth gently if you’re looking to fidget quietly, or quickly for a more distinct sound.
  • UNLOCK - Three Mechanical Gears and a clickable ball are all about rolling motions.
  • SMOOTH - Designed after worry stones as a tool used to eliminate stress and ease anxiety.
  • ANALOG - Modeled after the traditional gaming joystick. For 360 degree movements.
  • TWIRL - Intended to act as a dial. This rotating dial provides a circular fidget.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Durable Design/Materials, Premium Packaging, Soft Feel, Six Reactive Features, Pocket-size



  • BOOSTS COGNITIVE FOCUS - Six Different Fidget Tools Included
  • IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY - Instant Fidgeting Relief
  • SOOTHES ANXIETY & NERVOUSNESS - Comfortable Ergonomic Design

Where can I use Fidgette Anti Stress Cube?

Office / Commuting / In Class / Studying / In A Meeting / Watching TV


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