Compressed Facial Disposable Masks Paper (100pcs) [SC0004]

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DIY your FaceMask!

It's very convenient and simple steps to make your own face mask! Get the natural ingredient and mix it into this compressed mask paper, and here you go your very own face mask that can be in different methods to suit your skin type

How to use:
Take one to put the lid, and pour the liquid (make-up water or juice or milk), paper membrane will naturally expansive open, and then surface covered. The time of deposition can be controlled by their own narrow the pores, then for 5-15 minutes, such as toner to do with milk or other DD to do the whitening, you can extend the time to 20-30 minutes, so that the whitening effect play way better. (Note: you apply for a long time, we must grasp a principle: that they can not paper membrane to dry before taken down from her face, but should be taken down when the feeling of paper membrane to dry a little bit, or paper membrane will anti-smoking face of water)

Package Included:
100Pcs Compressed Face Mask

Item Type: Treatment & Mask
Type: Wrapped Mask
Feature: Moisturizing,Whitening
Use: Whole Face
Ingredient: Compressed Facial Face Mask
NET WT: 100pcs/pack
Formulation: Liquid
Model Number: Face Mask