Car Sun Visor [HC0061]

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Stop the glare of the headlights or sun! It is important to protect your eyes from harmful elements including ultraviolet rays and headlights, especially when you are driving. Anti-glare visor can filter harmful elements and soften the light source, it certainly can improve your visual comfort. When you don’t use the anti-glare visor, just fold the two panels. 

The demonstration of day time use: 

  • Flip the yellow panel to the top, the gray panel to the bottom. 
  • The two panels should from an angle of about 110 degrees.  

The demonstration of night-time use: 

  • Start with the shape of day time use. 
  • Push the gray panel upwards until it touches the immobile grip.  
  • Then, flip the yellow panel down. 
  • You can adjust the position of your original visor for a better view. 

Warnings and precautions: 

  • To install the product, please push outwards gently the outer rims of the screens with pressure applied evenly. 
  • If dust or dirt is apparent on the screen surface, simply use a soft hairbrush or chamois leather to remove the dust or dirt . For stubborn dirt or stain, please detach the screen first by loosening the screws with a screwdriver and then rinse thoroughly. 
  • For cleaning, do not use coarse cloth or volatile solvents such as alcohol or paint thinner with soapy water. Finally, dry with a lint-free cloth. 
  • Please avoid using this product while driving in unlit or dark areas in which night vision devices should be a lot more helpful. This product is never intended to be a substitute for night vision systems.