Instant Fix Zipper [HC0052]

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Instant Fix Zipper provides the most common sized replacement sliders (the small part that zips and unzips the zipper) for jeans, skirts & slacks, purses, sweatshirts & jackets etc. Easy to use just clip and zip, the patented jaw design snaps open and snaps closed onto any zipper. 

  • DURABLE & PRACTICAL – Easy to operate:
    • Step 1.Clean the zipper. It’s great if get lubricated.
    • Step 2.Open the zipper. It needs strength to open.
    • Step 3.Snap the zipper.
    • Step 4.Zip back and forth by holding the zipper body till zipper zips smoothly.
    • Step 5.Now we could pull the straining beam to zip.
  • MODERN DESIGN – Color: Black. Universal Sizes. Works on most common zipper mishaps including split zipper tracks, broken sliders and up to 3 missing teeth. It fits for jeans, skirts, golf duffle bags, sleeping bags, purses, jackets, suitcases, tents, etc. Can be started in the middle of a zipper, zips forward and backwards. Easy to install.
  • CONVENIENT – Removable & reusable. No sewing or tools needed. Snaps on in seconds.
  • SAFE MATERIALS – Made of nylon plastic and stainless Steel. BPA free and free from any other harmful and toxic chemicals.

Color: Black 
2 PCS Small Dimension 
2 PCS Medium Dimension 
2 PCS Large Dimension